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IT Sourcing


Technologix IT has built its reputation by helping our customers maximise their Total Cost of Ownership on their IT investments. With 30+ years experience in Senior Management roles in multinational technology organisations like Oracle, IBM and Sun Microsystems, we pride ourselves on our knowledge industry knowledge and latest trends.


Our services goes beyond just getting the best solutions at the best prices for our customers but includes the following 3 offerings:

Software Licence Procurement

Technologix IT have been able to help their clients enjoy immediate financial savings and greater flexibility through our extensive IT industry experience. Through Technologix IT's buying power, technology expertise and vendor relationships, our clients have been able to:

  • Make informed buying decsions
  • Enjoy substantial cost savings
  • Reduced ongoing costs
  • Maximised TCO on software purchases

Software Lifecycle Management Services

Technologix IT help organisations simplify the management of their software assets resulting in reduced cost, complexity and risk. Our Software Lifecycle Management Services combine the tools, processes, policies and expertise you need to optimise software within your organisation through:

  • Software audit which provides visibility of your software inventory
  • Software Optimisation which maximises licence utilisation, reduces licencing costs and eliminates duplication
  • Renewal Management that proactively tracks usage to reduce renewal fees

Infrastructure Product Advisory Services

Selecting the most appropriate technology to meet business needs can be a time-consuming process, fraught with technology, business and financial challenges. Total cost of ownership, business agility and user productivity can all be impacted by IT procurement and lifecycle management decisions. Technologix IT can assist with product selection and introductions, providing advance notification of product transitions so you can make decisions ahead of time and plan to accommodate change thus providing Risk avoidance and reducing cost.

Technologix IT helps clients by removing cost, complexity and barriers to change. We have an open, pragmatic approach, and always provide independent advice, working with IT departments, not around them.

With over 30 years of practical IT 'know how', we will change the way you think about technology by offering vendor independent solutions.

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